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Join celebrated instructor Skip Rector as he leads classes in yoga that help you create a balance among mind, body, and spirit.  He ably combines Hatha, Kundilini, and Raja Yogas to create a complete workout with an emphasis on stretching various muscle groups and strengthening the body's core.  Join him each Tuesday evening to develop a better body and a better state of being through the wonderful practice of yoga. 

For more information, please call Skip at 843.442.9162.  You can join the class at any time during the session. 

Meeting Times
Tuesdays at 5:30-6:45 p.m.

Room J-201 in the Johnson Center.

Session Dates
Session 1: Tuesdays, August 29 through October 10
Session 2: Tuesdays, October 24 through December 12

Cost per session
$ 52.50 per 7 week session.  ***Please note that this yoga program is not included as part of the group fitness package.***

Register and make payment online at the Marketplace. 

Additional information
Yoga mats are available. 
The best recommendation for what to wear is something comfortable that provides you with great freedom of movement.

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