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Weight Management Program

Weight management and weight loss can be a difficult endeavor.  Between fad diets, unrealistic lifestyle expectations, and misunderstood exercise beliefs, it is easy to see how it can be challenging.  Beyond the initial wieght loss, maintaining your weight loss long-term is an even more challenging task.  Our program was developed with this information in mind in order to build a comprehensive program to help deliver the best tools for long-term success.

Our program focuses on three areas:

  1. Physical activity and exercise
  2. Stress management, self-regulation techniques, and mindfulness-based strategies
  3. Educational and practical nutritional strategies

The duration of our program is approximately 12 weeks, and runs each fall and spring semester.  As a part of this program, you will get the opportunity to participate in free weekly small group exercise sessions and monthly workshops.  These monthly workshops focus on stress management and mindfulness based interventions as well as an opportunity to not just learn about nutrition, but to experience it.  This practical nutrition experience involves meal preparation, grocery shopping tools, and meal ideas.  Our program is a collaborative effort between multiple campus departments, including: Campus Recreation Services, the Department of Health and Human Performance, Dining Services and more.

As a part of this program, we take several assessment measures to help monitor your progress.  The program is free to participate as long as members maintain good standing.

***Because a program of this caliber takes time to properly build and execute, during the fall 2017 semester we will hold a handful of mini-workshops to discover more about what participants want from this type of program.  The full program is planned to launch fall 2018.***

For questions or additional information, please contact Bucky Buchanan at or 953-3898.

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