Stand Up Paddleboard Afternoon Trips

Come spend the afternoon with us paddling and then skip over to Folly Beach, if you choose, for a walk along the beach or to catch the sunset at the end of the island overlooking the Morris Island lighthouse.  Priceless!

2019 Stand Up Paddleboard Afternoon Trips

Session Time


4:30-7:00 p.m.

Thursday, August 29
Friday, August 30
Thursday, September 19
Friday, September 20
Thursday, October 3
Friday, October 4

Event location Folly River.  We will launch from the Folly Beach Boat Landing. 
Here is a map of a possible route we could take.
Fee $5.00. 
Make your payment at the Marketplace.  Registration opens August 15.
Registration Deadline Until filled.
Staffing and Equipment Water safety staff will be there to lead the trip. 
All required equipment is provided: board, paddle, and PFD (personal floatation device).
Transportation Transportation is the responsibility of the participant. 
We may be able to help by pairing you with another rider headed that way.
Max enrollment

12 persons per session.  CRS may choose to cancel any session that has fewer than 6 participants.

For more information, contact:
Campus Recreation Services
843.953.8257 or 843.953.5559

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