GSFC COVID Guidelines

George Street Fitness Center

Expectations of Facility Users During the COVID-19 Period

*Please note, for the summer 2021 period, reservations are NOT required for facility access due expected facility use patterns for the summer semester.  At this time, all other COVID-19 protocols remain in effect according to The College's updated Back on the Brick plan.

Re-opening Guidelines Template Provided by the State of South Carolina

These are a summary of key points issued by the state for recreation facilities to include in their reopening plans.

  • Face coverings are required.
  • Physical distancing is to be maintained at a minimum of 6 feet.
  • Frequently wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or use a sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Gym capacity is limited to a certain number of people, 5 people (staff and members) per 1,000 sq. ft. or 20% capacity, whichever is less.
  • Use one-way entrances and exits.
  • Provide training for staff in the new procedures prior to coming back to work.
  • Members must disinfect equipment before and after use.
  • Locker rooms can be open, but showers will not be available.
  • No contact training and no equipment sharing is permitted during training sessions.
  • A pre-use and post-use wipe down using disinfectant wipes is to be performed by the participant for all equipment.


Hours of Operation

The hours of operation are posted on a separate page.  Please note that the hours are subject to change without notice.


Facility Use and Entry

  • A COVID-19 self-assessment check must be conducted prior to entering the facility.
    All persons will show the staff at the entry desk that they have completed the College’s self-assessment app to help ensure they are free of symptoms of COVID-19.   
  • Entry and exit points are one-way only.
    All persons must adhere to and use the marked one-way entrance and exit.
  • Face coverings must be worn correctly at all times.
    All individuals are required to wear a face covering that fully covers the mouth and nose during their time in the facility including while exercising.  Failure to properly wear the face covering at all times will result in a consequence.  A verbal warning can be expected on the first occasion.  Progressively more serious consequences will include being dismissed from the facility for the day, losing one’s reservation privileges for a week, and if needed, turning the matter over to the Dean’s Office.   
  • Physical distancing must be maintained.
    Persons are expected to maintain at least a 6-foot distance from others during normal activities.  When engaging in exercise activity, the physical distance expected is 12-15 feet from others.
  • 30 persons are the maximum capacity for this facility.
    The maximum number of persons permitted in the facility is 30.  Individual sections of the facility will have a max capacity and in most cases that will be 4-5 individuals.  Signs will be posted stating the maximum allowed per section.
  • 60 minutes is the maximum time per person in the facility.
    Participants are limited to 60 minutes during their visit to the facility and no more than 30 minutes can be spent in any one section of the facility or on a singular piece of cardio equipment.  This 60 minutes will include the time required to wipe down the equipment and to exit the facility. 
  • Locker room and shower areas.
    The shower areas are closed.  No showering will be permitted.  The locker rooms are open only to allow one to change clothes.
  • Limit the personal items brought into the facility.
    Individuals may bring with them a water bottle, towel, and an exercise mat.  No other exercise-related items are permitted.  The water fountain is restricted to the filling of water bottles.  Exercise mats will not be available for loan.  Towels will not be provided.
  • Maximize your 60 minutes of visitation time.
    It is recommended that you conduct your pre- and post-exercise routines outside of the facility to maximize your time during your visit.  Campus Recreation Services fitness specialists are available to assist individuals with questions about exercising during this time. 
  • Participants have a responsibility to clean the equipment and follow hand washing guidelines.
    Users are required to wash hands with warm soap and water for at least twenty seconds before and after workouts.  Persons are required to wipe down the equipment and exercise space before and after use with a CDC or SCDHEC approved disinfectant provided throughout the facility. 
  • Observe directional arrows.
    Flow arrows will be placed on the floor to help users transition smoothly around the facility and to promote physical distancing. 
  • No spotting for heavy lifts.
    Persons will not be allowed to assist, or “spot”, other users during exercise routines, therefore attempting maximal lifts is discouraged.  There are alternatives available, one being to use the plate-loaded equipment. 
  • Partner training is not allowed.
    Users will not be allowed to exercise together given the requirement to maintain the appropriate physical distance. 
  • Equipment use limitations.
    Only every other piece of cardio equipment will be available for use.  Equipment not available for use will be clearly marked.  Equipment may not be moved to other places within the facility.  Users are expected to use equipment completely before moving to a new exercise section, since movement between sections will not be allowed.  Circuit-style training in multiple sections will not be permitted. 
  • Staff and participants are expected to review COVID-19 precautions and guidelines.
    Prior to opening and as changes are made, staff members will receive training about the new COVID-19 policies and procedures.  Participants are expected to review the College of Charleston COVID-19 precautions and training information before using the facility.
  • Cougar Cards are required for entry.
    All users are required to present their valid College of Charleston issued picture ID upon entry.  Users will swipe their Cougar Cards on an available card reader. 


Facility Layout Adjustments 

The facility will be divided into the following seven sections and each section will be limited to 4-5 users at a time. This limit follows the state guidelines for max capacity.  

  • cardio fitness section (treadmills, ellipticals, and recumbent and upright bikes.)
  • dumbbell section
  • free weight section (power racks and platforms)
  • jungle gym section
  • plate-loaded and selectorized (key inserted into a weight stack) equipment section
  • multi-purpose room (spin bikes, group fitness classes, light dumbbells, medicine balls, light kettle bells)
  • flex-space section (wheeled weighted sled, medicine ball, plyometric boxes, atlas stones, stability balls, and heavy kettle bells). 

A maximum time of 30 minutes per section and no more than 60 minutes in the facility is permitted.  Users may not travel back and forth between sections and are not permitted to move equipment between sections.  Instead users are expected to complete their workout with the equipment available in that section before moving to another section.  Each section will have multiple pieces of equipment to use for the individual’s workout.  Users will clean the equipment used prior to moving to different equipment. 

Physical distancing must be maintained at all times while in the facility.  Users are expected to follow all posted directions as they make their way around the facility. 


Open Recreation Times and Reservation Only Times*

  • On Mondays through Fridays the day is divided into an open recreation period followed by a reservation only time.  A 1-hour time limit applies to all users of the facility during any day.
  • For the open recreation period, participants can use the GSFC facility on a drop-in basis provided the number of users is less than 30.  Once capacity is reached, persons must wait outside of the facility until an opening develops. 
  • For the reservation only times, individuals can reserve a 1-hour session to use any of the available sections within the facility.  During that 1-hour period, users are limited to a maximum of 30 minutes per equipment or section.  Each section will contain multiple pieces of equipment. 
  • All reservations are handled through  Set up your account with IMLeagues to be able to reserve your individual workout sessions and group fitness programs.  Find IMLeagues info on the front page of the CRS website. 
  • If a section is not at capacity and the reservations are not full, a person may use that space without a reservation.  However, users who make a reservation are given priority. 
  • Reservations are held for the entire period selected.  A user does not have to use the entire time of his or her reservation. 
  • Management reserves the right to adjust the facility schedule, facility layout, and reservation system as factors may dictate.  Prior notice is not required.


Group Fitness

  • Group fitness instruction will be offered.  Face coverings must be properly worn to cover the nose and mouth during your visit to the GSFC. 
  • Fitness classes held in the GSFC multi-purpose room will be limited to 5 persons, and when held in the Johnson Center or outdoors the limit will be 10 participants.  These limits are in line with those recommendations provided by the state of South Carolina. 
  • Group fitness class users are limited to one station and will not change stations or move equipment during a class.  Users must wipe down the equipment before and after each class with a CDC or SCDHEC approved disinfectant provided by the facility. 
  • Users will be spaced with 12-15 feet of physical distance between persons. 
  • Campus Recreation Services will continue to offer virtual class options daily for users interested in the convenience and safety of participating from home.



  • Users are expected to wipe down their exercise equipment before and after each use.  Cleaning wipe stations are located throughout the facility.  The use of a CDC or SCDHEC approved disinfectant is a requirement.  Our contracted vendor ABM will clean the bathrooms hourly as mentioned in the state guidelines and high touch points throughout the day.
  • The GSFC staff will monitor to see that users are complying with the equipment clean-up requirement. 
  • During the final 10 minutes of all reservation periods, users will be instructed to end their exercise routine, begin cleaning the equipment, and to exit the facility.  The goal is to complete the cleaning and to minimize the number of persons trying to enter and exit the facility at the same time so that the time for the group that follows is not shortened.