Wellness Wednesday

For the fall and spring semesters, join Campus Recreation Services (CRS) for Wellness Wednesdays, a weekly series of mini-classes focused on health, wellness, and fitness topics. These short sessions (10-15 minutes or so) will range in content and presentation style and will feature guest speakers and campus experts aimed to promote health and wellness among faculty and staff.  Topics will include debunking common myths, nutrition discussions, fitness fads, and offer expert advice on everything from eating on the go to exercising with a bad back.  We will also have guided meditation and office yoga sessions sprinkled into the mix.

Sessions will generally be recorded and housed below based on date and topic category.  Some sessions will be live streamed but recorded for those who wish to watch at a later time.

New sessions are released or live streamed every Wednesday, starting September 8, at noon.  

Submit a topic/question

Do you have a topic suggestion or question you want answered?  Let us know by sending your thoughts to Bucky Buchanan at lbuchana@cofc.edu.

Wellness Wednesdays Session Library

Week/Date General Topic Link Passcode

1-Sep. 8, 2021


Diet and Weight Loss 


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Passcode: @#s0AhPZ


2-Sep. 15, 2021


Short on time? Exercise like this!


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Passcode: PT2kF*5e

(Handout 1) (Handout 2)

3- Sep. 22, 2021


Introduction to Meditation


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 Passcode: !0PH#ryF


4- Sep. 29, 2021


Office Yoga with Dr. Caudill


Click here for link


Passcode: N77J.XH#


5- Oct. 6, 2021


Getting Your Fitness Program Started


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6- Oct. 13, 2021


Holiday Fitness Plans


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7- Oct. 20, 2021


5-minute Standing Ab Routine


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8- Oct. 27, 2021


Contingency Planning


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 Passcode: k?6^rq7&


9- Nov. 17, 2021


Holiday Health


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