Pandemic Pandemonium

A Geocaching Adventure Game

Game Sheet and Instructions

Back Story

You are a young enterprising real estate agent rummaging through the musty attics of your
listing of old Charleston homes and uncover a beautiful antique steamer trunk. Thinking of all
the potential artifacts it may contain, you are genuinely disappointed to find only loose papers,
and not even those of an itinerant poet like Edgar Allen Poe but a lab researcher of all things.

Undeterred you read on and quickly figure the papers belonged to a long-forgotten immunologist
who did play a significant role in the last great pandemic of 1918. As you leaf through the
fragile pages you are amazed at the disciplined effort spent identifying countless viral strains.

THERE! Your excitement at this point cannot be contained. You clearly see mentioned today’s
virus among the references. Can it be that the genetic code is listed here? The pages are not in
the trunk. This just can’t be!

Instead lying before you are a series of clues that may lead you to the coveted information.  Can you work through the clues to locate the code to unlocking the mysterious but desperately needed details?

The fate of many now rests in your hands. Time to get cracking!

Don't forget to download the game sheet and instructions to get started.