1. Are there differences between sport clubs and intramurals?
Sport clubs are officially recognized student organizations that are run and funded by the students. Participants in sport clubs have a chance to develop their knowledge and skill to a greater degree through organized practices, games, and meetings. Sport clubs typically run the entire school year and seek opportunities to compete or perform beyond the school boundaries in state, regional, or national level events. Intramural competitions on the other hand are limited to on-campus contests and are of a shorter duration.

2. How do I join a particular sport club?
Contact the individuals listed for a particular club in the Sport Club Contacts list. They will be your best source of information about a specific club.

There is also a sport club fair as part of the Welcome Week activities. Club leaders will be present at the designated locations and will be actively recruiting new members.

If all else fails, contact the Campus Recreation Services director at 843.953.5559.

3. What are the benefits of being a member of a sport club?
One of the benefits provided to the participants is the opportunity to practice leadership skills.  While the Campus Recreation Services office provides oversight of the clubs, it remains the dedicated and diligent efforts of the students on those teams that shape the club and carry out the bulk of tasks necessary to make a club function and succeed.

4. Aren't the clubs just a scaled down version of the athletics teams?
No, not at all! Each club differs in its emphasis toward competition, recreation, instruction, or some combination of the three. Our clubs run the gamut from highly competitive organizations seeking to qualify for a national championship tournament to those more content to devote greater attention to learning the skills related to that sport. All students have the opportunity to participate in the clubs and lacking a high degree of skill will not bar one from participating.

5. What fees can I expect to pay to participate in a sport club?
Most of the clubs do charge membership dues to offset the costs associated with a particular sport. A club's operations may include expenses for team travel, equipment, tournament entry fees, association dues, officials' fees, etc. The College does contribute a small amount of money, but it remains the club's task to determine what level of activity it can finance through dues and other fundraising efforts.

6. Is it possible to start a new sport club?
Absolutely. Individuals interested in starting a new club should contact the Campus Recreation Services director. The Sport Club Handbook contains all of the information an individual needs to start up a new sport club and manage it. These are the initial steps:
  1. Meet with the Campus Recreation Services director to outline your plans to create a new club.
  2. Schedule an organizational meeting to assess interest among student participants.  Twelve individuals are needed to form a new club.
  3. You and the club's new members will prepare and approve a constitution and bylaws and elect your club's officers.
  4. Select a faculty advisor.
  5. Submit this information to the Campus Recreation Services director as part of the club registration process.