CRS Employment Opportunities

Campus Recreation Services employs upwards of 45 persons each year. A variety of positions are available. Many students find these jobs to be enjoyable in large part because of the high activity level found in the recreation facilities and that most participants tend to be happiest when they are physically active.

What makes these positions attractive?

  • the convenience of working on campus 
  • flexible work schedules 
  • opportunities for meeting people
  • advancement opportunities 

A tremendous level of responsibility is entrusted to our student employees. Without their dedicated efforts, the quality of our programs would suffer. Here are some of the paid positions we seek to fill each year.

Group Fitness Leader

What better way to stay in shape than by leading your own aerobics session and being paid. Students holding a certification from one of the national associations are encouraged to join our staff. If you are interested in learning how to lead an aerobics group fitness class, ask us.

Facility Supervisor

Responsible for monitoring admission to one of the recreation facilities, enforcing rules and regulations, handling equipment checkout, and performing light cleaning and maintenance.

Intramural Sport Official

Our officials form the backbone of the competitive sports program. Students with a sincere interest in officiating one or more team sports are advised to join the team! While previous experience is not necessary it is certainly welcomed. Training sessions are held prior to the season and constant support is maintained throughout the season. Officials who demonstrate a superior ability have the opportunity to advance to one of the sport supervisor positions.

Sport Supervisors

Sport supervisors must demonstrate competence in rules knowledge and officiating mechanics. The ability to work with large numbers of people is required. Your chief duties are to administer and supervise the sport activity, observe the officials' work, staff the event, and maintain records. It is a task oriented position but a rewarding one at that.

Office Staff Assistant

Responding to phone inquiries, light clerical duty, and processing forms pretty well sums up the duties. This person is expected to have a full working knowledge of the overall Campus Recreation Services program.

Publicity Assistant

Writing and editing online blogs or newsletters, creating printed publicity materials, and promoting the program by making presentations to groups around the campus are some of the talents we are seeking. Experience with software applications used in these tasks is expected.